Hello, We are Legion Star.

A message from our founders:

At Legion Star, it is not just about the technology, but how technology allows our customers to achieve their operational objectives. We are committed to success and believe our focus on customer outcomes fuel our reputation. Legion Star’s unique methodology is supported not only by the consulting teams but also by Legion Star’s internally developed technology solutions.

Legion Star's consultants, with an average of 14 years of cloud implementation experience, bring a wealth of business systems and process knowledge to our customers. Legion Star’s portfolio of projects ranges from small to large, including implementations in North America and Worldwide. Our client base also spans globally and across a multitude of vertical industries. Each of Legion Star’s consulting practices is organized to provide excellent value to our clients.

We deploy a proven methodology to deliver solutions effectively and efficiently. We are personally committed to your success and you may reach out to us directly should you feel our execution is not in alignment with your best interests.

Our Amazing Team

Grant Small

Grant Small

Chris Patovisti

Chris Patovisti

Ivan A. Smith

Ivan A. Smith

Vice President of Sales
Nabeel Nizar

Nabeel Nizar

Chief Technology Officer
Raheel Malik

Raheel Malik

Chief Solutions Officer

What do we do?

We offer consulting, implementation and managed services for deploying and managing identity management, cloud, and ERP platforms. Customers rely on Legion Star's expertise to design, deploy and manage innovative services, which have resulted in positive impact on their growth, productivity and long term value.

Our Mission & Vision

Build a legion that will use business to inspire and implement solutions to drive human kind.

Who are we?

We are highly dedicated and experienced team in deploying and managing modern identity, cloud, and ERP services.

Our Leadership

We believe that Leadership can either make or break a business. We spent a long time searching for the perfect people that represent and really understand what we are trying to do here at Legion Star, and we found them.

How Everything Started

In the winter of 2007, founders Chris Patovisti and Grant Small met each other in Naperville, IL. Chris was working at Protiviti and Grant had just started his first consulting company, focused on SAP Risk and Controls Consulting. The two saw eye to eye and stayed in touch, working on projects together in various relationships over the next decade.

In late 2018, Chris actively recruited Grant to think about a new venture and Legion Star was born. Originally set up to provide "somewhat aggressive network features" to foreign entities, Legion Star was later contracted by the US Government and moved into the services space you see today. Focusing on Identity, Cloud, and ERP consulting services.

Now, they are focused on bringing together an "A-Team" in a new firm based on experience and relationships that have been built over the last 20 years in the technology industry.

We deeply value our customers for their support, our partners for their collaboration and our team for their dedication in our shared journey to success and a better future. As we move into 2020 we are proud to announce a merger that will bring HCM services on WorkDay, Success Factors, and Oracle HCM into Legion Star. We will continue to focus on providing thought leadership in identity and ERP consulting and will be launching our own product "Passport-ID" in late Q2.