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Zero Trust Security for Active Directory

Active Directory is synonymous with enterprise IT. It’s been at the heart of operations, providing cross-platform authentication and authorization services for decades. Organizations of all sizes rely on Microsoft’s Active Directory service to secure their critical resources. From files to print jobs, network logins, and group-based authorizations, Active Directory has always been there.

Then the business landscape evolved, adding new applications and Windows services. Active Directory has changed with it supporting organizational growth with expansions to support and integrate new geographies. This flexibility undergirds mergers & acquisitions for increased agility.

Explosive growth is not without risk. Active Directory has been a prime target for hackers and malicious insiders seeking to exploit privileged access. They seek accounts that are over-permissioned, given admin privileges, or memberships in restricted security groups. Theft of these credentials is often due to weak or reused passwords.

Active Directory sits in their crosshairs because it offers a pivot point 1

to virtually anything IT system within the Enterprise.

“Membership in a local/domain admin group isn’t what ultimately matters in securing your resources. What actually matters is what local/domain groups have access to specific remote resources”

Organizations included nearly everything into their Active Directory Domain to centralize user and computer access. Unfortunately, the over-reliance on the group-based authorization model rarely factored in the cleanup of unused objects and group life-cycle management.

This complex environment frustrates compliance, audit, and IT security teams, attempting to figure out Who has Access to What and Why across the Active Directory environment. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

With the help of Legion Star and its technology partners, you can now Inventory your Active Directory to:

Analyze potential security gaps and toxic conditions

Clean up unused, duplicate, and over-permissioned objects

Monitor changes to critical resources

Protect from known and unknown vulnerabilities

Starting a User Access Review and struggling to de-tangle nested group access?

Need to ditch legacy technology debt left over from on-premise Active Directory as you Migrate to Azure AD?

Want a business interface to manage group membership and life-cycle?

At Legion Star, we’ve partnered with Stealthbits and others to help you find the right solution for your organization.