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29 December ago

Onapsis Partnership – 8/17

Updated: Feb 10

Onapsis Partnership – Press Release

Chicago, IL – August 17, 2020 – Legion Star, an Identity, Cloud, Cyber Security, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) firm, announces a formal partnership with Onapsis.

Legion Star and Onapsis have partnered together to deliver industry-leading technology solutions that serve to provide current and future clients with state of the art efficiency and security for their largest mission-critical applications.

“Our DNA on the SAP, Oracle, and overall ERP expertise, really led us to Onapsis in the first place,”, states CEO Grant Small.

Onapsis provides a protection platform that identifies risks in ERP software, such as Oracle and SAP, that threaten the security, compliance, and stability of these applications.  This holistic approach enables organizations to discover threats, optimize workflows, control change and automate reporting, empowering them to embrace and accelerate ERP modernization, transformation, cloud, and mobility initiatives. Legion Star will integrate Onapsis to enhance their ERP professional services, MSSP,  and Business Enablement offerings.

“The ever evolving cybersecurity landscape demands toolsets that address the speed of business, security of business critical applications and that help achieve operational resiliency.  Our joint partnership with Onapsis will seamlessly fill this gap, seen by both parties, in the audit and efficiency space.”,  Ivan Smith, Vice President of Sales

About Legion Star

Legion Star provides clients with Identity, Human Capital Management (HCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Business Enablement services.  The firm provides businesses with experienced consultants that are well versed in the ever-changing, complicated mission critical business landscape.

For more information on Onapsis, visit, www.onapsis.com

For more information on Legion Star, visit, www.legionstar.com

Media Contact Carolyn Reed – Client Representative Assistant carolynreed@legionstar.com

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