Boost Security Without Breaking Your Budget

Not every organization has the time and resources to manage it's cybersecurity. Tight budgets and a widening security skills gap have many organizations struggling. Remote work, constantly changing compliance mandates, and a steady onslaught of cybercrime only add to the challenge.

Modern technology is vital for meeting these challenges but it can be difficult without expert guidance. Legion Star has partnered with industry leaders and innovators to bring you the knowledge and expertise combined with technical and business resources needed to implement, manage, and operate a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Choose the Solutions and the Service Level That’s Right for You

Offerings Professional Premium Enterprise
Use out-of-the-box or custom rulesets to prevent, detect and manage SoDs across your critical applications. Quick Start Run Automate & Protect
One-time Assessment
One ERP application in disconnected mode
Manual remediation
OOTB ruleset
Custom rulesets
Cross-app ruleset
Multiple ERP applications in disconnected mode
Integration with HR
ITSM integration for remediation
Multiple ERP applications Connected/Disconnected
Automated remediation w/ Mitigating controls
Access Reviews
Risk & Compliance Dashboard
Offerings Professional Premium Enterprise
Conduct a user-manager, application owner, sensitive and privileged access review campaigns, to meet your regulatory compliance requirements. Quick Start Run Automate & Protect
One HR source
User/Manager Campaigns
Upto 5 Applications
Access Relationship Map
Multiple HR Sources
App and Role Owner Campaigns
Risk-based Campaigns
ITSM Integration
IAM Integration
Includes CIEM
Service Account Campaigns
Unlimited Applications
Risk & Compliance Dashboard
Offerings Professional Premium Enterprise
Detects, monitors, and prevent risky configuration changes across your cloud infrastructure to meet your CIS and CMMC controls. Quick Start Run Automate & Protect
Discover resources & track changes in real-time
Built-in CMDB for Cloud Assets
Pre-canned Policies
Multi-Cloud Platforms
Context Aware Policies for Custom Configurations
Manual Remediation with ITSM Integration
Deploy & Manage Configuration Drifts for Terraform Stacks
Preventative Controls with support for Lockdowns and Metering
Integration with IDaaS for Time & Role-Based Access Controls
Automated Remediation - Detect and Repair Cloud Configuration
Risk & Compliance Dashboard
Offerings Professional Premium Enterprise
Vulnerability management, threat detection and compliance automation to secure your cloud, hybrid, and on-premise business-critical applications. Quick Start Run Automate & Protect
Assess Vulnerabilities, Misconfigurations & Security Posture
OOTB Policies
Identify Authorization and Account/Role Configurations
Support for Single ERP or CRM
Quarterly Assessments
Real-time Attack Alerts
User Activity & Continuous Threat Monitoring
Alerting for Dangerous Program Execution
Support for Multiple ERP & CRMs
Integration with ITSM for Remediation
Integration with SIEM
Application Security Testing & Code Control
Support for Custom Policies
Automate Testing & Evaluation of Configurations, Patches & Code
Remediation Guidance
Continuous Assessments
Risk & Compliance Dashboard
Offerings Professional Premium Enterprise
Discover, classify, understand, control, and protect sensitive data across your on-premise and cloud data stores. Quick Start Run Automate & Protect
Identify Stale & Sensitive Data
Enact Effective Access Permissions
Identify Toxic Conditions -- Stale/Open Access
One Data Collaboration
Conduct One-time Assessments
Conduct Continuous Assessment
Multiple Data Collaboration Platforms
Activity Monitoring
Assess to Sharepoint, O365, File Servers
AD File Permissions
Data Protection with Automated Remediation & Response
User Behavior & Customized Alerting
Support for structured & unstructured data
AWS & Azure data storage platforms
Risk & Compliance Dashboard
Offerings Professional Premium Enterprise
Analyze, cleanup, monitor, and protect changes to your Microsoft AD and Azure AD resources. Quick Start Run Automate & Protect
One Time assessment
Automated Continuous Multi-domain and Azure Assessment
Assess Security Groups
Analyze potential security gaps and toxic conditions
Review Group Memberships
Identify Weak passwords
Limited to 1x domain
Select AD or AAD
Reporting with manual cleanup
Attain Cross-Domain Visibility
Investigate Service accounts, shadow access, and AD file permissions.
Elevated and Sensitive Security Groups
ITSM integration for remediation
Preventative Controls
Automated remediation and Response
Cross-domain ownership identification
Integrate PAM into AD to control and monitor privileged access
Entitlement Reviews
Risk & Compliance Dashboard

Purchase any of our Enterprise managed services and receive the professional version of Legion Star’s GRC solution at no additional cost.

Continuous Compliance and Risk Assessment

Legion Star’s GRC solution combines everything you need for end to end risk assessment into an integrated platform. Improve your security posture by assessing risk and compliance early then continuously monitoring controls. Get the risk remediation guidance you need to move at the speed of business.