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Cloud Management Center

Cloud Management Offerings

Make agility easy through provisioning to any pre-existing cloud software or products.
Utilize easy deployment capabilities to public and private clouds, along with virtual and bare-metal servers.
Deliver ease of use to your customers by offering a catalog of templates to automate provisioning and ensure consistency from Legion Star experts.
Cloud Management Center Services
Integrated cloud platform

Integrated Cloud Technology

Our Crafted Technology

Automate all the things & orchestrate everything with one custom fit solution.
Use automated workflows to construct sophisticated cloud applications.
Plug into cloud services and connect to any API-enabled cloud or web-based services with our help and expertise.

Offload mundane operations that can be automated and empower developers with easy-to-use snapshots, code deployment, scaling, and more.

Cloud Governance

Cloud Governance Features

Our cloud governance practice creates business-driven policies and principles that establish the appropriate degree of investments and control around the lifecycle process for cloud computing services. Our compliance team here at Legion can help you overcome those hurdles, and adhere to standards and policies that are consistent, integrated, and comprehensive across any line of business. We will have you anticipate, mitigate, and address any and all risks specific to your cloud integration strategy.
Cloud Governance
Cloud Data management

cloud data control & managment

Our Data Management Strategy

Specifically built for companies entering into the new wave of cloud data usage, Legion Star eliminates the complexity of legacy solutions with an automated policy engine that manages data throughout its lifecycle across all data management functions. Our vision here at Legion Star is to deliver a firm, wire-framed design for data management that is positioned within our multiple cloud platforms, preventing vendor lock-in to any particular cloud, yet allowing for massive amounts of new data collection and analysis from other sources.

Cloud Connectors

Cloud Connector Features

Our team here at Legion Star has integration experience specializing in ERP systems, E-Commerce platforms, databases, logistical systems and Workflow/BPM. Integration is our core-business. We specialize in designing specific solutions tailored for your organization's needs, such as single sign-on applications, reporting capabilities allowing for simple data conversion, and personalized branding for company websites or internal networks.
Cloud Connectivity