Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Find the Right Solution for Your Enterprise Needs

Zero-Login for your Zero-Trust Security mode

Eliminating passwords and usernames would forever change Cybersecurity. Without credential theft, a major security gap closes.

Organizations struggle daily to balance security and agility with productivity. The various authentication mechanisms complicate the login process. Yet, hackers continue to steal privileged credentials at an alarming rate. From password reuse, to phishing emails, or stolen hashes, one thing is for certain — Passwords have to go!

Complex systems and procedures such as Multi-factor (MFA) or Risk-based authentication (RBA) suffer poor adoption due to enduser experience and increased hardware costs.

Let's face it, end-users just want access to get their job done. IT and Security teams need them to be secure and productive.

Advancements in open standards like FIDO2 and WebAuthn, coupled with the use of biometrics technologies like FaceID, TouchID, and Windows Hello, offer hope. We are now one step closer to achieving Zero-Login

But how do you select the right technology for your Hybrid Enterprise? You let the technology experts help.

Do I need a solution to scale across ALL users, internal and external?

Is the enrollment process seamless enough for my end-users without overtaxing my Helpdesk? Will end-users need training?

Can I prevent single point of failure despite a lost or stolen device?

Can I achieve both increased security and reduced IT costs?

Legion Star partnered with some of the top technologies in the market from BlokSec, BeyondIdentity, Hypr, Okta, and many more. We're here to help tailor a solution that best fits your organization's needs.