Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management

Enforcing least privileged access

Zero-Standing Privilege

Least privilege is challenging to get right, yet it is essential to security. Gone is the simple securing of superuser privileges for root and domain administrators on servers. Privileged access has become more pervasive than ever.

The surge of growth in cloud applications places tenant administrators in the same category as root and domain administrators.

A one-time approval for a $100 thousand transaction in an ERP suite with Accounts Payable access becomes a privilege when your standard approval access lower.

Monthly and quarterly user Access Reviews also require inclusion of privileged access

Ensuring least privilege often requires managing a complex tangle of exception-based access for an array of critical resources. Add to this challenges like hybrid IT ecosystems and remote work and Privileged Access Management (PAM) becomes a daunting undertaking. This drives the need to converge IGA and PAM across the Identity & Access management ecosystem.

Legacy PAM has devoured budgets. Between security and compliance mandates that dictate recording every privileged-user session for review combined with numerous amounts of jump-boxes to support legacy PAM architecture, organizations have spent exorbitant amounts of money. Yet, session recordings rarely get reviewed until a security breach occurs, making the data storage involved pointless.

Additionally, requirements for risk-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) layers to validate the user increase both the cost and complexity. Persistent accounts create audit headaches due to a lack of ownership and visibility. MFA and password vaulting increase the workload of authorized users with additional steps

like checking-out credentials — to complete their daily tasks.

Modern technologies like passwordless and Just-in-time (JIT) access render these technologies obsolete. By reducing the attack surface and eliminating persistent accounts, they create a win for both security and users.

Cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and others are attempting to reduce this complexity. They build in Privileged Identity Management (PIM), session management, and role-based access into their products to simplify privileged access to critical resources. Each one does it differently, and none have a centralized way to manage all of your cloud solutions.

So many technology choices leave businesses overwhelmed with questions.

How do I manage privilege for both my entire cloud and on-premises environment?

How can we implement a modern solution that meets all of our business needs?

Can we upgrade existing infrastructure while minimizing business disruption?

Do I need passwordless authentication, Just-in-time access, or both?

It's enough to make anyone's head spin, but Legion Star has your PAM needs under control.

Our professionals have the expertise and the experience to analyze your needs and help you find the best fit. We can walk you through migrating legacy PAM to one that is purpose-built for the cloud or moving to a role-based model, and even eliminating those pesky, persistent accounts.

Our tailored cloud PAM solutions require minimal on-premise footprints and address needs across SaaS and ERP/HCM applications to deliver a frictionless experience for all your privileged users. We partner with top companies like Remediant, Okta, Saviynt, and Netwrix (Stealthbits) to ensure you have the right technology to fit your needs.