Compliance Assessment

Most GRC solutions are only looking at Enterprise Risk. Legion Star understands the importance of going beyond the narrow scope of traditional risk management. By bringing IT, Cyber, Cloud, and Enterprise and fusing it together. We're taking a shift left approach to risk and compliance, doing assessments early, continuously monitoring controls, and giving you tailored risk remediation guidance. Legion Star's GRC solution automates and streamlines your compliance and risk management so you can focus on growing your business.

Legion Star's GRC solution merges IT, Cyber, Cloud, and Enterprise Risk into a single unified framework. By leveraging the combination of industry standards and regulatory requirements, we help you map the appropriate controls to your assets.

Automate and Streamline Your Assessments

Legion Star’s GRC solution helps you accurately assess your environment so you can start collecting data and calculating to establish your risk and security profile. Automate and streamline your risk and compliance lifecycle so you can keep moving at the speed of business.


Quick Start

Leverage Pre-Built Questionnaires for Rapid Risk Reduction

  • Single Assessment Type (Cyber, Cloud, or 3rd Party)
  • One-time assessment using multiple pre-built
  • Dashboard for security
    and risk posture
  • Quick start deployment



Customize Assessments for Continuous Remediation

  • Multiple Assessment Types
  • Select Out of the Box (OOTB) or Customized Questionnaires
  • Dashboard for security and risk posture
  • Integration with ITSM for remediation
  • Includes integration with on endpoint for Automation
  • Includes Legion Star SME for Hypercare and Training


Automate & Protect

Automation That Moves You Toward Zero Trust Security

  • Everything in Premium
  • Includes ALL Controls
  • Automated Data Collection
  • Out of the Box (OOTB) integration with existing Zero Trust Security solutions
  • Built-in Advisory Services
  • Remediation Guidance
  • Includes Managed Services