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Your business relies on many applications and services to run effectively. We have experience and relationships with most teams you are working with or are thinking about working with today. Here are the main services we provide:

What do we do? Digital First, Cloud Enabled, User Centric services!

We transform your business from the inside-out to co-create the experiences employees and customers demand.

We help our customers acquire, deploy and manage cloud services as simple, secure, efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Our Approach

What would you like to do first?


All You

We might be project-whisperers, but our focus is on you. We start all our projects by taking the time to fully understand your business strategy before evaluating how we can strengthen your goals and build value.



Deploy a solution that will provide quick wins but will continue to provide value as the solution is rolled out, optimized, or fine-tuned.



Legion Star's roots are in the Big 4 and large firm security consulting. We ensure our projects are running with the right amou nt of oversight and integration with your company's governance, regulations, and audit functions.



Our goal is to make ourselves obsolete through the continual transfer of knowledge about our methods, capabilities, and models. We forge stronger relationships by sharing knowledge instead of hoarding it.