Spec Ops Services

Legion Star

Special Operations Product Offerings

Our ops team can help you deliver exceptional performance to your customers, employees, and partners

Cloud Roadmap

Cloud Roadmap Methodology

Legion Star’s roadmap services define a direct route for the deployment of your cloud. After analyzing your cloud strategy and current IT environment, the entry points for each phase of our framework are identified, and next steps and services are selected based on your business needs for your journey to the cloud landscape. 

Hybrid-Cloud Product Integration

Seamlessly integrate your on-premises applications, data, and processes across your enterprise with our consulting advice and industry expertise. 

We leverage deep insight and end-to-end expertise to determine your hybrid-cloud readiness before shaping the right cloud strategy.

Expect to deliver greater agility, efficiency, and resiliency to your business—so you can create new cloud data services faster.

Hybrid-Cloud Product Integration

Security & Risk Management

Security & Risk Management

As businesses increasingly move to cloud services and employees bring more of their own personal devices onto business networks, the risks of hackers stealing data has grown exponentially. For cloud service providers looking to mitigate their risk, cyber security and compliance efforts can seem overwhelming.

Legion Star can help your organization and personnel prioritize the cyber risks within your company, and find the right cyber risk management and compliance efforts that keep customer data secure, and helps differentiate your offerings.

Expert Witness Consulting Services

We have assembled a world-class team of experts, both internal and as affiliates, who can meet your needs for expert consulting. Additionally, we offer witness support to assist in your litigation or arbitration efforts. Located throughout every region of the country, we are available to you and your client anytime, anywhere.

Expert Witness Services

M&A Due Diligence

M&A Due Diligence

Businesses undergoing mergers and acquisitions must complete rigorous due diligence to uncover and remediate concerns about the security posture of their merger/acquisition targets. They must also estimate post-deal security investment requirements.

Legion Star’s M&A due diligence services support these efforts by providing a rapid risk assessment that evaluates the acquisition target’s IT environment, cyber risk levels across critical security dimensions, and potential remediation costs.