User Access Reviews

User Access Reviews

Who has Access, to What & Why

Compliance for your Zero-Trust Security model

Complex and tedious User Access Review processes undercut your security. Rampant rubber-stamping and check-box compliance do more damage to your security posture than to improve it. Therefore, the primary goal of any Identity & Access Governance program is to improve the User Access Review process. Empowering People to review the right access to the right resources at the right time is crucial.

Over the years, Identity Governance Administration (IGA) solutions have shifted focus from the simple business Process of access reviews to user provisioning, role mining, and other ancillary tasks laying a cumbersome weight on IT. In addition, the certification of dynamic access to infrastructure and SaaS applications necessitated by cloud migration has amplified these challenges.

Implementing an IGA program is riddled with complexity due to solution deployment and integration questions.

Where do you start?

Should User Provisioning be the focus?

Can I quickly onboard all of my critical business applications before the next quarterly Access Reviews?

These questions lead to more questions now that Gartner has revamped their IGA Magic Quadrant to a more informative "Market Guide." Core IGA features have changed and moved.

- User Provisioning migrated to IDaaS solutions

- Role-based access controls are now "Role, Attribute, and Policy-based" controls

- Access requests are part of ITSM solutions

In the midst of all this, re-evaluating how your organization handles identity can seem overwhelming.

Do you need a stand-alone IGA solution?

Is it time to revitalize legacy architecture and modernize?

Should you choose solutions that work focus on improving User Access Reviews?

You have questions; Legion Star can help. We have the knowledge and experience to help you modernize. Working together, we'll find the right Access Review solutions for your organization. We partner with leading IGA and User Access Review solutions from Saviynt & SailPoint, to SecurEnds & ClearSkye. This means that Legion Star can provide you the best experience and faster deployments. It's time to ramp up your security and get back to a compliance-driven User Access Review Process.