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Hybrid Cloud Strategy

As an enterprise begins to get comfortable with the cloud experience and model, our team here at Legion Star have noticed trends in the market. We often see two types of cloud strategies begin to emerge within the broader notion of hybrid cloud.  The first, hybrid cloud as a migration path to full cloud and the second, a hybrid cloud as a capacity or burst service to deal with increasing compute demand. In any case, we’ve dealt with both circumstances and are here to offer our advice and guide you through the ubiquitous landscape of cloud computing.



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Independent Advisory Services

Our cloud advisory practice has positioned itself as an industry leader. We leverage specialized tools and utilize our internal assets for evaluating various application portfolios and assess program readiness for cloud product integration. By strategically positioning ourselves within  companies who need critical guidance, we are able to target virtualization benefits, cloud migration, integration, and application testing services to enable sufficient deployments in a cloud aggregated or hybrid model. The key factors we consider while prioritizing applications for cloud adoption are application criticality, business benefits, risks and feasibility for cloud migration. Let’s explore your potential options together.

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Solution Delivery

Delivering an enterprise cloud environment can be a challenge for any company, large or small. With over twenty years of industry experience, Legion Star can assess your infrastructure, and determine what critical controls are needed to adopt the best delivery model and workloads that ensure the most efficient migration to the cloud.

Delivering cloud means that you will need experienced consultants to ensure success. Legion Star delivers the best in class services that will apply key industry experiences combined with an impressive arsenal of applicable tools that can help you develop and execute your strategy. Offering 24/7 support, we will guide your organization’s leaders and offer insights into how fortune 100 companies are managing their cloud environment effectively. following delivery. 

Offering insight into what system admin tools are being used today in the market, we will assess your current systems, tailor our proposal to reach your business needs and develop a solution that meet your specific requirements for maintaining a competitive advantage. Our focus is on your success from start to finish.

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The Cloud Managed Services market is witnessing accelerated growth in recent years due to the advancements in cloud computing, big data, and mobility services. Cloud managed services is estimated to become a $120 billion business by the year 2020. Let us help you discover the change your organization needs and assist your organization in achieving cost-effective cloud management services.

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